Desirée Rumbaugh

Love is stronger than fear


Del Mar, CA

Wisdom Warriors is a practice type class for dedicated yoga practitioners over the age of 50. The students practice along with the teacher who provides instruction, music and occasional adjustments. Working with props and partners is sometimes included to help ease the body and mind into new areas for stretching and strengthening. A full range of poses are always offered, including standing poses, backbends, hip openers and forward bends and inversions. This class is not recommended for beginners until they have  a solid understanding of the alignment principles of yoga, but those who are willing and game to try something playful and challenging are always welcome.

Part of the magic of Wisdom Warriors is the social connections that are forged by the regular attenders. There are regular parties, potlucks and other outings that these friends participate in and enjoy together. Those who have made Wisdom Warriors or any yoga class a regular part of their week have reported feeling a renewed zest for life and new strength and flexibility in their body and mind.