Beginner’s Yoga Series with Desirée Rumbaugh


NEW! Set of four videos comprise this Beginner’s Yoga Series from Desiree Rumbaugh. Available via download after purchase.

Four 30 minute videos (MP4, total 460M,  120min.)

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 A set of four videos for a special price

Our daily human lives are constantly in ebb and flow, physically, mentally and emotionally. The practice of Yoga gives us powerful tools to help us surf those waves with poise and equanimity. The subject of Yoga is quite vast and the poses, or asanas, are only one element of this ancient practice.

The goal of this teaching is to assist you in learning to understand your unique body, to apply the instructions and to steadily begin feeling stronger and more flexible with yoga. As you progress, you will undoubtedly encounter areas of your body that need more of your attention. Rather than staying away from the more challenging areas, we want to lean toward them with an open and curious mind. The process of learning to practice yoga on a deep level requires time, awareness and self-inquiry.

Beginner’s Yoga Series
With Desirée Rumbaugh

Class One: Connect With Your Inner Wisdom
Build Core Strength

Class Two: Freedom To Grow and Change
Release Hip and Lower Back Tightness

Class Three: Going With The Flow
A More Flexible Spine

Class Four: Part of Something Bigger
Strengthen And Support Your Neck And Shoulders

This series of four 30 minute classes is designed for:

    1. Brand new beginners
    2. Current yoga students who are new to alignment-based hatha yoga training.

These classes are a good fit for you if you:

    1. Are genuinely interested in doing the physical work required to strengthen your muscles and transform your posture
    2. Are in generally good health and do not have serious injuries or chronic pain. In those cases, it is recommended that you work in person with a qualified instructor or health professional.
    3. Are able to be patient with yourself and the process of your journey.

Being a beginner in yoga does not necessarily mean you have a weak or stiff body. You may be coming from an athletic background and have very strong muscles and a high level of fitness. You might also be coming from a former athletic background, but it has been years since you have trained your body regularly.

Alternatively, you might be starting from a place of stiffness or weakness, with various chronic aches and pains. If this is the case, no problem, it just may take you a little longer to familiarize your body with some of the exercises in these videos.

Please be patient with the process as it may take some time for your mind and body to integrate all the details included in these classes. The intention in presenting 30 minute videos is to give you the chance to study them at your own pace. Feel free to pause the video and rewind as many times as needed to go back over and fully understand the material before moving on.

It is recommended that you practice with these classes in sequence at least one time before beginning to mix and match or view them in a different order. The sequence of classes is purposeful and the knowledge is cumulative.

 I hope we can meet in person some day at a workshop or a retreat. While learning yoga from a video is a great way to start, being seen live by an experienced teacher will help you move forward with greater confidence in your practice. Experienced teachers have been rigorously trained and are well aware of the pitfalls on this journey. Our job is to inspire you and also help you protect yourself from misunderstanding alignment instruction and injuring your body.

If you would like to spend time in a live class with me, it would be a great idea to use these videos as an introduction to familiarize yourself with the language I use and the work that I offer. If you would like to meet another teacher in your area who works in a similar way, please send me an e-mail. I have connections with other like-minded teachers all over the world and would be more than happy to help you find one locally. If you have any questions, please reach out to me by e-mail or use the contact form.

Blessings to all who embark on the inner journey,