Beginner’s Yoga Series

Would you like to learn how to practice yoga postures but don’t know where to begin? Are you a yoga teacher interested in up leveling your skills teaching beginners?

For the past 35 years I have been studying and practicing yoga. My experience has included navigating my own physical challenges as well as teaching thousands of students all over the world. I am grateful for all the feedback I have received from them as well as all that I have learned from my yoga teachers, physical therapists, coaches and trainers.

In these videos you will find a distillation of all of this information. I present what I feel are the most foundational exercises to help you start your own journey with enough knowledge and awareness to understand the purpose of this powerful practice.

For me, all yoga poses are therapeutic. I do not use them in any other way and I encourage you to look at your practice as a healing and strengthening adventure, rather than a performance.

Yoga is defined as the union or connection of the body, mind and spirit. Practice is defined as: A steady and sustained repetition over time of a new and improved behavior in an area of your life that’s important to you.

In these four videos, I have woven together the physical practice with some of the philosophical teachings of yoga. Let’s practice for better health, a wider view of our own life and the world around us.

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About Desiree

Desiree travels the world full time sharing her compassion and her joy with others interested in the transformational power of yoga. Together with Michelle Marchildon, she has written “Fearless After Fifty: How To Thrive with Grace, Grit and Yoga.” She has produced a DVD series entitled “Yoga to the Rescue” and is a regular contributor to Yoga Journal, having also appeared on its cover.