Jessica & Kyla

Jessica Gouthro
A great new yoga program that would be
perfect for people who work out.

Jessica Gouthro is a multitasking mommy! As a new mother to baby Kyla born in 2016, she continues to guide the Live Lean Nation with twice weekly appearances on the popular YouTube show LiveLeanTV. She writes fitness articles for Paleohacks, Trustworthy Fitness, and other publications, as well as guides and educates her one-on-one clients extensively with fitness nutrition via Live Lean Custom Coaching. Jessica is also the author of several popular fitness programs like Live Lean Formula for Women, Build a Butt, Live Lean Pregnancy and Live Lean Mom. In 2015, she collaborated with her mother Desiree Rumbaugh on a healthy eating cookbook called Fearless Foodie Cookbook. Jessica is also very active on social media @jessicagouthrofitness sharing daily workout and nutrition inspiration, especially super cute mom & baby home workouts 🙂 

There’s a saying that if you want to get anything done, give it to a busy mom! Mom’s know how to multitask like no other.