Woman sitting in yoga pose smiling

Beginner’s Yoga Series

Would you like to learn how to practice yoga postures but don’t know where to begin? Are you a yoga teacher interested in up leveling your skills teaching beginners?

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Desiree and Andrew smiling while having a meal in a restaurant

Is the Expat life for you?

Beware the ideas you emphatically reject, saying you’d never do—- for they will likely someday come back to you as a big learning or growth opportunity. When I began dating

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Desiree standing among yoga students outdoor in a lush garden area

My PBS Pledge Drive Host Experience

In 2007, I was invited by a media company to make three DVD’s called “Yoga to the Rescue” in Los Angeles. One of the women working on that set was quite touched by the story of the loss of my son Brandon in 2003. She eventually went to work for PBS on the east coast and we kept in touch from time to time.

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Turn Fear Into Curiosity

By Desiree Rumbaugh co-author of Fearless After Fifty: How To Thrive With Grace, Grit and Yoga In my thirty years of practice, including owning a yoga studio for fifteen years,

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